Fairfield Library Gallery Walk

Fairfield Library Gallery Walk

Congratulations and good luck to all the participants in the Alphington Open Studios.  Just letting you know that I will not be participating this year as I have several other things happening.

My work is available for you to view at the studio in Alphington just send me an email and you can come and have a look whenever it suits.

I will be having a small exhibition with artist Cetta Pilati at the Fairfield Library Gallery Walk (the little windows) from the 4th December until the 20th December 2023.  We have both selected lively small scale pieces that have a bit of fun and whimsy about them.   We have left our contact details including a QR code within the display cabinets.  This exhibition is not manned however Cetta and I are available to answer any questions you may have about the work.




The Library is at Address121 Station St, Fairfield VIC 3078

Other things happening with my art

I have entered an abstract artwork that I have called From Collingwood to Fitzroy and Back in the Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works exhibition.  I’ll post a picture when the exhibition opens.

I have two abstract paintings in the Linden Postcard exhibition.  This year they have made the works a much bigger size than the postcard description.  I’ll post images when it opens.

I have several works going into a beautiful boutique in Korumburra soon.  It is called Small Forest if you happen to be out and about the area you should pop in for sure.

I’ll keep posting more pictures of the work when the exhibitions commence.

PS the unique metal and marble flying fish/bird is Cetta Pilati’s work.  www.cetta-pilati.com.au




Melbourne Collage Meets are having a Fundraiser

Melbourne Collage Meets are having a Fundraiser

We are a group of artists that meet fortnightly to make collage art and just chat about all kinds of things.

We have been meeting for more than a year and we have had one fundraiser for an underprivileged school and now we are having an art card sale with money going to Araluen, a place where disabled residents will use the funds to help with making ceramics.

As we meet at a coffee shop, some members meet early for breakfast, others stay back for lunch and everyone supports the shop by buying a coffee and a cake.  We so love meeting and that’s why I am available to help if any one out there thinks they would like to do this in their area.  It needs to be for people that are artists, that have art of some sort of art in their lives. Contact me if you want to chat.  By the way our group is full even though I would love to keep having more people – it would not be fair to the shop.  Hope you like the idea.

Thank you to all that made it to the Alphington Studios

Thank you to all that made it to the Alphington Studios

It’s been a few years since I have been able to participate so it was wonderful to see some of you that I have known and some newbies made it to this event. Thank you for the feedback and for liking and or collecting my work for yourselves. I was really keen to hear what you thought of the block assemblages and was especially pleased when some sold. As you all know I like working with so many different mediums and was pleased that I sold assemblages, collages, paintings and my lockdown project which was linocuts. Linocut was difficult because I was pressing them by hand on gorgeous paper. My success rate was one good print for every eight. I might just look into a small small press of some sort. My linocut sales (thankyou) paid for my paper and ink (whew).

I have had plenty of people sign up for summer workshop in block assemblage and a few others wanting general art classes in various mediums. I will be in touch early January.

Saturday I picked up two books from a Garage sale and made this little collage. Just know I check on line to make sure the books are not rare or special. These were just special to me and hopefully you see what I make with them as a little special.

Love dogs, bits and pieces collected from op shops, social network etc.

Have a fabulous Christmas xx

The dog on the Tuckerbox. Anyone remember him and remember where he was situated?

Always looking for old dolls furniture if anyone has some to pass on.

Summer workshops in Assemblage/collage for 2023

Summer workshops in Assemblage/collage for 2023

I have several classes booked for these events. I may have a couple of spots available for those that are on holidays. I think there may be a space on Wed Jan 18 10 to 2. Not sure of the others yet. Email me if interested. Below is one of my favourites as I love chairs so much. It has incorporated collage and assemblage. Very small work only about 15 x 12cm approx. and ready with hanger at the back.

Chair in landscape block assemblage on board.

Gone : Collage Packs available

Gone : Collage Packs available

I collect old books and magazines for collage but even I sometimes need to refresh my stash. It is so difficult to give away books that have had pieces cut out of them and I understand why. I can’t even put them in an op shop. I decided to make some packs of collage paper packs to sell. Each pack is different to the next but I have included flower images, animals, landscape, text, old world paper, buildings, people etc. I have enclosed two A5 sheets of watercolour paper to get you started and also two gift tags to encourage you to make something small to start with. I have decided to write a few details on how to make a collage e.g. materials etc and will enclose this in the pack. This is available for $30 a pack if anyone wants. Please know the pictures are just a few from one of the packs and that there are many more images in each pack for making collage.

If I am posting the package the postage will be additional.

Please send me an email if you want one. annewarrenart@gmail.com

I am still teaching small or one on one collage classes if you would like one to get you started.

Thanks everyone.