Anne Warren is a mixed media artist working in both 2D and 3D artworks in Melbourne Australia.

Anne graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor in Fine Art (Drawing).

An image or a fragment of an image found in an old book that has caught Anne’s interest will become the genesis to further build and layer from several different sources as well as from different media. In an intuitive way Anne assembles the disparate cutouts to create a brand new hybrid character or scene with an entirely new identity, sometimes adding to it with pencil, paint or pen. The 3D sculptural assemblage work is applied in a similar fashion to collage by using found objects.

From the small scale collage and assemblage work Anne will free up the application and scale to make abstract paintings on canvas or board with a focus on atmospheric colour and shape.

Anne Warren’s art practice consists of collage, assemblage, digital imaging, still-life painting, abstract works, commissions and conducting Workshops in Art from her Alphington based studio.

Note: See Blog Posts for current projects being undertaken

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning art work:

Note that I am available for workshops, one on one or with a friend to help you with a more confident approach to art making. See my contact page and mention your preferences for day, evening or weekend. Classes can be one off, a series of 4 or ongoing until you feel ready to go alone.

Melbourne Collage Meets is a group of artists that come together to make collage, talk art and just catch up on friendship whilst making collage art. The group is based in Fairfield however for anyone wishing to start a group in your area I would be happy to advise and encourage you. This was born after the ISOlation of the Covid period and our members are diverse, not collage artists initially. We have a sculptor, textile artist, ceramisist, illustrator etc. etc. Ask me for more info.


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