It’s been a few years since I have been able to participate so it was wonderful to see some of you that I have known and some newbies made it to this event. Thank you for the feedback and for liking and or collecting my work for yourselves. I was really keen to hear what you thought of the block assemblages and was especially pleased when some sold. As you all know I like working with so many different mediums and was pleased that I sold assemblages, collages, paintings and my lockdown project which was linocuts. Linocut was difficult because I was pressing them by hand on gorgeous paper. My success rate was one good print for every eight. I might just look into a small small press of some sort. My linocut sales (thankyou) paid for my paper and ink (whew).

I have had plenty of people sign up for summer workshop in block assemblage and a few others wanting general art classes in various mediums. I will be in touch early January.

Saturday I picked up two books from a Garage sale and made this little collage. Just know I check on line to make sure the books are not rare or special. These were just special to me and hopefully you see what I make with them as a little special.

Love dogs, bits and pieces collected from op shops, social network etc.

Have a fabulous Christmas xx

The dog on the Tuckerbox. Anyone remember him and remember where he was situated?

Always looking for old dolls furniture if anyone has some to pass on.