Repurposed found objects

Red Hippo Assemblage

Assemblage, Art in Darebin

Assemblage of found objects

Still a little over a week to go for my exhibition at Fairfield Library Gallery Walk (Station Street Fairfield).  Hope you get a chance to see it. Everything is listed on the QR code however if you go to my website I have all the works on paper and sculptural assemblages listed (also priced). Just contact me directly if you are interested in anything.  I can deliver if local or post to you if you are far.

Cetta Pilati who is also exhibiting has some gorgeous marble and steel works. They are some of the very smallest work she has made so it is a great opportunity to collect a piece if you have been thinking about it.  Go to Works on Paper and Sculpture page for details and of course contact page if you need to send me a request or to ask for more information.