We are a group of artists that meet fortnightly to make collage art and just chat about all kinds of things.

We have been meeting for more than a year and we have had one fundraiser for an underprivileged school and now we are having an art card sale with money going to Araluen, a place where disabled residents will use the funds to help with making ceramics.

As we meet at a coffee shop, some members meet early for breakfast, others stay back for lunch and everyone supports the shop by buying a coffee and a cake.  We so love meeting and that’s why I am available to help if any one out there thinks they would like to do this in their area.  It needs to be for people that are artists, that have art of some sort of art in their lives. Contact me if you want to chat.  By the way our group is full even though I would love to keep having more people – it would not be fair to the shop.  Hope you like the idea.