It’s been a while since I posted. I have been making abstract paintings on canvas to free my hand and mind of the small assemblage work that I worked on for the last 6 or so months.

Before I get into what I am up to I’d like to congratulate all the wonderful assemblages made during the Summer workshops I just had. Fabulous treasures were given a new life and can now be viewed by all rather than sitting in a box or drawer hidden away.

A few assemblages have made it into exhibitions, including one that is in a current exhibition for ‘Feel Good’ art at Quadrant gallery. Worth having a look at some gorgeous small works in Hawthorn.

Many of the assemblages will be grouped together (like a flock of birds) to be shown at the Meeniyan gallery in South Gippslsand in May alongside some of my abstract paintings. When I exhibit I will be showing alongside fabulous sculptor Marija Patterson (look her up). Instagram marija_patterson

Here are some random pictures of my work.

Happy Autumn everybody.

This was put away for me to keep but I decided to show it. The smallest work at approx 10cm high.

This is on show at the moment at Quadrant gallery in Hawthorn. It is for the ‘Feel Good’ exhibition and it is called ‘The Rest Stop’.