I collect old books and magazines for collage but even I sometimes need to refresh my stash. It is so difficult to give away books that have had pieces cut out of them and I understand why. I can’t even put them in an op shop. I decided to make some packs of collage paper packs to sell. Each pack is different to the next but I have included flower images, animals, landscape, text, old world paper, buildings, people etc. I have enclosed two A5 sheets of watercolour paper to get you started and also two gift tags to encourage you to make something small to start with. I have decided to write a few details on how to make a collage e.g. materials etc and will enclose this in the pack. This is available for $30 a pack if anyone wants. Please know the pictures are just a few from one of the packs and that there are many more images in each pack for making collage.

If I am posting the package the postage will be additional.

Please send me an email if you want one. annewarrenart@gmail.com

I am still teaching small or one on one collage classes if you would like one to get you started.

Thanks everyone.