Fairfield Library Gallery Walk

Cetta Pilati and my art work is currently being exhibited at the Fairfield Library Gallery walk just off Station Street.

Black and White Cat, Found Object Assemblage $130
Address121 Station St, Fairfield VIC 3078


Wednesday 10 am–5 pm
Thursday 10 am–5 pm
Friday 10 am–5 pm
Saturday 10 am–4 pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 10 am–5 pm
Tuesday 10 am–5 pm

We would really love you to see what we have been making.

My assemblages are found objects, toys, blocks of wood, scrabble bits etc., from op shops and garage sales and bits and pieces that I have hung on to for years.  I found people were very interested in what I was doing and that they were very generously gifting me some objects to use.

The collage characters are from found images in old books that I have collected for years.  I made a series of these characters about 15 years ago and have just revisited making these again.  I have added some wood blocks on the back of them to give them some distance from the wall which makes for more interesting shapes and shadows.  The character collage works in Fairfield are displayed on blocks because I do not have a wall behind to hang them however blocks can be supplied and more permanently secured to the characters if you wish.  I personally love the lone figure sitting unexpectedly on a wall.

Very, very sadly, I have not been gifted any old books or ephemera with pictures of animals or people or birds or dancers that would be good for collage. 🙁

Mouse.   Character Collage with block attachment on the back as wallart.  $50

Please keep in mind that I am still available to do workshops in art with beginners or more experienced in various Media.  See my pages for works on paper, painting etc.

You can do a one on one class, a one off class, series of four classes or ongoing fortnightly classes to suit your needs.

Thanks for visiting, Wishing you all a fabulous December. 🙂

Fairfield Gallery Walk Exhibition December 2023 Anne Warren and Cetta Pilati


Cetta and I have our Fairfield Gallery Walk exhibition starting on the 4th December.

Fairfield Library – 121 Station Street, Fairfield  10.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday  10.00am to 4.00pm Saturday

The exhibition in five little window pods will continue until the 20th December.  Please contact us for more information regarding availability, purchase and pick up or delivery of your artwork before Christmas.  We will have a QR code for scanning which will have more information for you.

Should you wish for your artwork to be delivered locally, that can be arranged as well.

My Character cutouts are paper collage, stiffened with more paper and layers of glue.  The work is durable, it is glazed on the front and I have added either one or two wood blocks on the back to make the piece standout 3D style from the wall.   I will supply blue tack which is the best way to place them on the wall for that surprising quirky look that I like so much.

The Block assemblages are found pieces from op shops, garage sales and a good rummage in my old bits and pieces from the past, all assembled and placed on a wooden board with a hanger on the back that will sit on a simple drawing pin.  Many of the quirky items I have used have come from the Darebin Hard Rubbish Heros in 2023 (they even held some aside just for me).  Occasionally I will add something current like the black and white cat see above from an asian vending machine but generally they are used and in many cases unwanted pieces.

I hope you get a chance to see the exhibition and maybe take a friend with you.   I’d love to hear what you think.


Thanks everyone.

PS Cetta has selected small scale work which is also lots of fun and quirky using her amazing marble mosaic and her metal work.