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Our two groups are working beautifully making collage from books and magazines.  Our North Fitzroy group has grown and our Fairfield group is full.  As we meet in a coffee shop I don’t think we can push the kindness of the cafe owners with too many more papers flying around.  I would always be happy to help you to establish a group in your own area (if its not too far from me).  I don’t have to attend but would like to discuss how we work out what happens, themes, meeting place and times, experience of participants.  Please let me know in an email if you would like to discuss further.  We do not pay anything except of course buying a coffee and something to eat from the cafe (that is essential).  The cat below is really tiny approx 10cm x 4cm on watercolour paper.  The giraffe family and the girl with pigtails are approx 9cm x 12cm on wood backing.  These two are assemblages of found images, collage, pen, toys etc.  They needed polka dots.

I’m still teaching casual classes in painting,  collage and assemblage – let me know if you are interested.

If you have made any collage please send me a picture, especially if you have made to one of our themes.  Latest themes were tomato and a previous one that was difficult and easy was self portrait.  Good luck if you have a go.  This post is mainly about #melbournecollagemeets.  See more on instagram, if not following please do. 🙂  My insta is #annewarrenart.

Collage cutouts analogue

Welcome Cat

Next Collage Meeting for Melbourne Collage Meets

Next meeting for North Fitzroy Collage group is Tomato (Tue the 19th).  Fairfield group had a ball with this subject.  Yes a red round squashy ball.

Next meeting on Thursday for Fairfield group has the prompt ‘birds’ (Thurs the 21st).

The bird below is an old one that I animated and moved the legs for it to walk.  Simple but fun. The tomato below I gifted to Cal (the young bearded man that we met a couple of months ago).  He often comes to the cafe to study and or to make his small abstract artworks.  He gave me a new work so I now have two of his which I love.

Any variation of the prompt is ok and if by chance the prompt is not working for you, that is also ok for you to make something entirely different.

For all the newbies please reach out to Marija or myself if you need any help.

Marija, not sure if you have noticed but there are lots of cafe customers at the North Fitzroy meet that show interest.  You might need to decide whether you take their details (email)  for a place in the future or for a fundraising event in the future if they like the work.  They are so friendly there.


Keep looking and liking and posting to #melbournecollagemeets on instagram.  If you are not in our group but you like making collage, feel free to make a work and tag it for @melbournecollagemeets and Jenny will post it on our site.


bird, collage, small scale, found image,

Collage Workshop 17th February 24

I have an art workshop coming up on Saturday 17th of February 10.00am to 12.30pm.  Everything will be supplied for you to make a freestanding character or wall art character or if you would prefer, to make a block assemblage instead.  It is a very small class so can only take one or two people for this one.  We will discuss selection of images from books, what works and what does not.  We will talk about the application of glue and how to hang your work and even more importantly how to edit your work.  I will supply you with books for images, paper, card, different types of glue and how to select and use the most appropriate one.  We will discuss balance.  So all in all you will be getting a workshop in making collage that will be extended in a slightly more sculptural way.  Contact me on the contact page via email

Cat girlCat girl


Green Car Assemblage

Fairfield Gallery Walk Exhibition December 2023 Anne Warren and Cetta Pilati


Cetta and I have our Fairfield Gallery Walk exhibition starting on the 4th December.

Fairfield Library – 121 Station Street, Fairfield  10.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday  10.00am to 4.00pm Saturday

The exhibition in five little window pods will continue until the 20th December.  Please contact us for more information regarding availability, purchase and pick up or delivery of your artwork before Christmas.  We will have a QR code for scanning which will have more information for you.

Should you wish for your artwork to be delivered locally, that can be arranged as well.

My Character cutouts are paper collage, stiffened with more paper and layers of glue.  The work is durable, it is glazed on the front and I have added either one or two wood blocks on the back to make the piece standout 3D style from the wall.   I will supply blue tack which is the best way to place them on the wall for that surprising quirky look that I like so much.

The Block assemblages are found pieces from op shops, garage sales and a good rummage in my old bits and pieces from the past, all assembled and placed on a wooden board with a hanger on the back that will sit on a simple drawing pin.  Many of the quirky items I have used have come from the Darebin Hard Rubbish Heros in 2023 (they even held some aside just for me).  Occasionally I will add something current like the black and white cat see above from an asian vending machine but generally they are used and in many cases unwanted pieces.

I hope you get a chance to see the exhibition and maybe take a friend with you.   I’d love to hear what you think.


Thanks everyone.

PS Cetta has selected small scale work which is also lots of fun and quirky using her amazing marble mosaic and her metal work.

Interested in Starting or joining a collage group?

Interested in Starting or joining a collage group?

On Friday 22nd I will advise on what we have done to start our collage group in Fairfield Instagram: #melbournecollagemeets. We have been established for a year now and still loving it so very much. The art, the laughter, the community is all so wonderful.

I will talk at the DHRH at 2-3.30pm Separation Street, Northcote. It is across the road from Santa Maria College and in the Northcote plaza car park.

We will make a small fun collage at the end of a short talk. I’ll bring everything along however any books with people or birds/animals are welcome. I would love to get some more groups going in different suburbs. No fees, just support the coffee shop you meet at by buying a coffee and cake or lunch.

Although I do teach collage from my home studio the above suggestion is not for teaching, it is reaching out to creatives of any medium to make a small easy and clean and portable piece for fun.

Our group MCM has also successfully had one fundraiser to raise funds to buy sensory toys for Olympic Village Primary School. You can also aim for something similar in your local area. Email me if you are interested.

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