Interested in Starting or joining a collage group?

Interested in Starting or joining a collage group?

On Friday 22nd I will advise on what we have done to start our collage group in Fairfield Instagram: #melbournecollagemeets. We have been established for a year now and still loving it so very much. The art, the laughter, the community is all so wonderful.

I will talk at the DHRH at 2-3.30pm Separation Street, Northcote. It is across the road from Santa Maria College and in the Northcote plaza car park.

We will make a small fun collage at the end of a short talk. I’ll bring everything along however any books with people or birds/animals are welcome. I would love to get some more groups going in different suburbs. No fees, just support the coffee shop you meet at by buying a coffee and cake or lunch.

Although I do teach collage from my home studio the above suggestion is not for teaching, it is reaching out to creatives of any medium to make a small easy and clean and portable piece for fun.

Our group MCM has also successfully had one fundraiser to raise funds to buy sensory toys for Olympic Village Primary School. You can also aim for something similar in your local area. Email me if you are interested.

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