Next Collage Meeting for Melbourne Collage Meets

Next meeting for North Fitzroy Collage group is Tomato (Tue the 19th).  Fairfield group had a ball with this subject.  Yes a red round squashy ball.

Next meeting on Thursday for Fairfield group has the prompt ‘birds’ (Thurs the 21st).

The bird below is an old one that I animated and moved the legs for it to walk.  Simple but fun. The tomato below I gifted to Cal (the young bearded man that we met a couple of months ago).  He often comes to the cafe to study and or to make his small abstract artworks.  He gave me a new work so I now have two of his which I love.

Any variation of the prompt is ok and if by chance the prompt is not working for you, that is also ok for you to make something entirely different.

For all the newbies please reach out to Marija or myself if you need any help.

Marija, not sure if you have noticed but there are lots of cafe customers at the North Fitzroy meet that show interest.  You might need to decide whether you take their details (email)  for a place in the future or for a fundraising event in the future if they like the work.  They are so friendly there.


Keep looking and liking and posting to #melbournecollagemeets on instagram.  If you are not in our group but you like making collage, feel free to make a work and tag it for @melbournecollagemeets and Jenny will post it on our site.


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